Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Spectrum Has Done it Again

I know that it may be hard for a company to find out that they suck but in fact they have found out they suck at least by the management who only likes butt kissers to surround them. I really do wish I could have a half an hour with the owner of the company to chat with him to let him know that he needs to fire all the management and start all over. Things will not changed for the better until then. I am still friends with many of the non butt kissers in the company and one of them talked to me today and said that she only received a twenty five cent raise for working for the company for over a year. She has no infractions, good attendance and great service. Wow what a slap in the face. To top it when she went to talk to them their concern was with me and my blog not her and her performance. What the hell does this have to do with her work ethic and job skills. DUH Spectrum you have got to figure out that the whole world does not revolve around you and that yes people will be friends whether we work together or not. When we quit your hell hole we do continue to live and keep friendships. Those friendships should not hinder current job performance. I am so blown away.

Monday, August 3, 2009


It is amazing to me to have worked for a company and never heard of the FMLA before two and a half years of employment. Instead we get harassed by HR and team leads who you think would be more understanding of medical circumstances. I can understand if someone is out of work and has no excuse from a docotor but to have two surgeries, swine flu and a cist on an ovary, all with doctors notes and still to be harrassed. Amazing!

With my new job they gave it to me the first day and they talked to me and the other trainees about it. Wow and we had to search and provide it for Spectrum. Interesting.....

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Why Do They Suck

So I have just finished working for a company called Spectrum Field Services. I had worked for this company for over two and a half years. I worked very hard, missed little time, made my way up through the ranks into a management position only to be told that I suck when I gave my notice. What kind of company treats their employees that way. I was nice enough to give them a two weeks notice where many people who have left before me just leave and never come back. I took over one of the most difficult clients and turned the teams numbers around and made them awesome. It seems this company has such unrealistic goals which make it impossible for anyone working there to accomplish them unless you are piece of crap who's head is so far up the Senior Vice Presidents ass. When you are kissing her ass anything you do is golden and if you are not you better watch out. I warn anyone who thinks they want to apply to work there to go some where else.

My favorite saying for this company is that the rules only apply to some and the others can just kiss ass to get by.